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Great reviews of the 2012 event, 'Her Noise: Feminisms & the Sonic' a collaboration between CRiSAP, TATE and Electra.


'The F Word: Contemporary UK Feminism': Her Noise: women creative workers and musicians exhibit and talk at Tate Modern


 'The Guardian': A guide to Pauline Oliveros's music


What, in the historical present, might constitute an activist life in sound?
16th and 17th October 2014, 10:00 - 18.00
London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, SE16SB
Tickets £20 (Students £10)
CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice) are pleased to announce that the second Sound::Gender::Feminism::Activism (SGFA2014) research event will take place on the 16th and 17th of October, 2014.
This event seeks to query the place and performance of activism within discourses and practices of sound arts, sound-based arts and experimental musics that are engaged with gender, feminist and queer politics. 
Our invited keynotes are Tara Rodgers (USA) - author of Pink Noises - and Maggie Nicols (UK) – musician, improviser, vocalist, activist. 
This two-day event incorporates presentations, performances and screenings from academics, musicians, artists and performers selected through a peer-review process, each taking a different approach to the question:
 What, in the historical present, might constitute an activist life in sound?
Our presenters are: Alison Ballance, Anja Kanngieser, Ann Antidote, Anna Benedikt, Anna Raimondo, Annie Goh,  Christopher DeLaurenti, Claudia Wegener, Elin Øyen Vister, Emma Lilwall, Evan Ifekoya, FYTA & Sofia Apostolidou, Franziska Rauh, Freya Johnson Ross, INVASORIX, Iris Garrelfs, Kerstin Schroedinger, Lucia Farinati & Claudia Firth, Mark Harris, Mindy Abovitz, Mitra Kaboli, Philip Cornett, Rebecca E Davies, V.A Phoenix, Victoria Gray and Virginia Kennard & Emi Pogoni.
Lunches and refreshments will be will be provided. Places are strictly limited so book early to avoid disappointment.
Workshop with Maggie Nicols 
Maggie will be running a special SGFA2014 workshop from 2-5pm on Wednesday 15th October. Workshop participants will perform with Maggie as part of SGFA2014 on Thursday, October 16th. The workshop should be booked as a separate event as places are very limited.
To reserve a workshop place please email





Book Launch - Sonic Possible Worlds: Hearing the Continuum of Sound by Salomé Voegelin

Wednesday 17th September, 18:00-20:30
Podium Lecture Theatre at the London College of Communication
'Sound is like a dream--fleeting and difficult to remember and describe. Sonic Possible Worlds is a grand tour through the depths of ways of listening and responding' - Pauline Oliveros, Deep Listening Institute.
Readings by the author and a conversation with Angus Carlyle, debating the premise of Sonic Possible Worlds for field recording and sound art; for a politics of listening and for the sound of unicorns.
Followed by responses to the book by Neil Cummings and Daniela Cascella and a free drinks reception.
For more details about the launch please contact:




UAL PhD Open Evening
University of the Arts London would like to invite prospective research degree applicants to an open evening to find out more about Research Degrees at UAL and to meet staff and students involved with the research degree programme across the 6 colleges.
20 Oct 2014 | 18:00 to 20:00



Points of Listening (PoL)

is a monthly programme of listening workshops, activities and discussions based in and around London. From January 2014 it takes place every second Wednesday of the month. Events are held at the London College of Communication in addition to various locations, outdoors and indoors, throughout the city. 

PoL seeks to promote and investigate listening together: to perform a ‘musica practica’ of field recording, deep listening, remote listening, film listening, textual listening, listening to the audible, inaudible and more. PoL is a CRiSAP project, co-convened by Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright.

What to expect:
• Participatory workshops and activities (indoors or outdoors)
• Field trips to relevant locations/institutes/orgs
• Readings/text based provocations and debate
• Book clubs, film screenings, listening sessions
• Experiments, interventions and actions

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PoL #4 Magic and Loss (after Lou Reed): A Listening Event for Magical Objects and Ancestral Sound

With: David Toop
Date: Wednesday April 9th, 2014
Time: 19:00 (duration approx. 40’00”)
Venue: Swedenborg Society, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH
Places are limited. To reserve a seat please email:

More details here; 

PoL #3 Listening to the voices of the city in the Wings of Desire


With Maria Papadomanolaki
Date: Wednesday March 12th, 2014
Time: 17:30 to 21:00
Venue: Old Cinema Museum, 2 Dugard Way, London SE11 4TH

More details here



PoL #2 Consuming Sounds


With Ian Rawes London Sound Survey
Date: Wednesday February 12th, 2014
Time: 3:15pm to 6:30pm
Venue(s): Elephant & Castle / Stratford


More details here


PoL #1 Deep Listening

with Ximena Alarcon
January 8th, 2014 at the Swiss Church

experience your deepest point of listening, as an inner departure to explore your sonic Universe and embrace it. Through energy building exercises, listening meditations, and sounding, you will be guided to experience inner and outer listening, to expand your awareness of sound as it travels in time and space, encountering many possible audible 





SoundCamp is a listening event linked to International Dawn Chorus Day.

It is scheduled for the weekend of 3-4 May at Stave Hill Ecological Park.

During the event a small group of people will be able to camp on-site, explore the nature research and participate in dawn chorus walks, workshops and panel discussions.

In conjunction with these local activities, we will be broadcastingREVEIL: the first live 24 hour broadcast of the sounds of daybreak, relayed by a network of audio streamers around the world.

We are very happy to be working in partnership with Wave Farmand WGXC 90.7-FM for this inaugural broadcast, which will also be relayed by local and regional stations to be announced.

The live streams are made possible in large part through collaboration with the pioneering live streaming project Locus Sonus at the Hautes Ecoles d'Art of Aix en Provence and Nantes.

We are pleased to have the involvement of Richard Beard and Ian Rawes of the British Sound Library and the London Sound Survey

We are grateful for the support of Steve Cornish of the Friends of Russia Dock Woodland, and especially of Rebeka Clark andTCV who have generously made Stave Hill available for soundCamp / REVEIL.

You can find more information about the scheduled activities under visit | camp or from the flyer

Places for the scheduled on-site activities, and especially for camping, are limited. To make a booking please contact:





Iris Garrelfs welcomes you to the second issue of  Reflections on Process in Sound, a magazine curated by Iris Garrelfs as part of her PhD research into processes in sound arts practice. It focuses, therefore, on sound related activities but will also branch out into adjacent territories with the aim to provide a forum where artists can engage in discussions about how they create the work they do, what their practices are influenced by and how their ideas manifest themselves within the final artwork.

It contains:

- an interview with Brandon LaBelle by Anna Raimondo

- Tansy Spinks reflects on her process creating site- specific performances

- a conversation between Lucia Farinati and Claudia Firth considering process on the cusp of curating and creating

- Rita Correddu, Elena Biserna and Lucia Farinati examine a project of readings of ‘Autoritratto’ by Italian feminist Carla Lonzi

- an annotated journal entry by Maria Papadomanolaki

Available from Iris Garrelf's Website.




BUY On Listening

Edited by Angus Carlyle & Cathy Lane

On Listening is a unique collection of forty multi-disciplinary perspectives drawn from anthropology, bioacoustics, geography, literature, community activism, sociology, religion, philosophy, art history, conflict mediation and the sonic arts including music, ethnomusicology and field recording. These specially commissioned contributions explore the many ways in which skilled listening can mediate new relationships with our physical environment and the people and other species that we share it with.

From the Introduction: “Listening has become an increasingly popular subject of study. It features in conferences, in academic journals, in doctoral research projects. However, reflexive listening is an applied practice that exceeds the boundaries of academic institutions to take its place in a number of everyday settings. This book aims to connect the scholarly and the experiential and extend the contemporary discourse on listening.”

Contributions by: Niall Atkinson, Kenneth Avery, Jean de Dieu Basabose, Moushumi Bhowmik & Sukanta Majumdar, Seth Ayyaz Bhunnoo, Ansuman Biswas, Barry Blesser & Linda Salter, Ross Brown, Daniela Cascella, Jessica Linda Salter, Ross Brown, Daniela Cascella, Jessica Cawley, Michael Chanan, Rupert Cox, Peter Cusack, John Eacott, Michael Gallagher, David Hendy, Penny McCall Howard, Jérôme Joy, Volkmar Klien, Meri Kytö, Brandon LaBelle, Lisbeth A. Lipari, Francisco López, Sarha Moore, Polly Nash, Gianni Pavan, David Rothenberg, Steve Rowell, Dawn Scarfe, Diana Corley Schnapp, Daniel Smith, Peter Szendy, Jean-Paul Thibaud, Davide Tidoni, David Toop, Nicola Triscott, Ultra-red, Salomé Voegelin, Andrew Whitehouse, Mark Peter Wright.

Contents and Introduction
Press Release


Landscape & Art Network

Avant Music News

Caught By The River


ISBN 978 1 910010 01 3
200pp, 234 x 142
sewn paperback with flaps
October 2013, £12.00

Individual books can be ordered direct—with secure payment by PayPal.
For more than one title please email your order and mailing address and we will calculate the postage cost.






ON LISTENING Book launch event


18:15 for 18:30 start - 21:00
Thu 24th October 2013


Podium Lecture Theatre, London College of Communication, London SE1 6SB


a new publication from CRiSAP and Uniformbooks- download PRESS RELEASE


special guests

Singer, writer and music researcher Moushumi Bhowmik (India)  presenting “The Travelling Archive”, a project which collects and documents the folk music of Bengal and the Bengali diaspora.


Dawn Scarfe (UK) and Jiyeon Kim (Korea)  performing live, streaming sounds from the wildernesses of Estonia direct to us at the Elephant and Castle. During their residency at MoKS in rural Estonia, Jiyeon and Dawn have been exploring the autumnal wilderness together, sharing experiences of listening, recording and composing. The purpose of their collaboration is to learn from each other's personal responses to unfamiliar landscapes and atmospheres. Their live set this evening will present some of the sounds they have collected and shaped through this process.


Polly Nash (UK)  discussing her experiences of listening to and interviewing  Guantánamo detainees for the film  “Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo” made with journalist Andy Worthington.
Introduced by Angus Carlyle and Cathy Lane 


Free drinks and refreshment


On Listening edited by Angus Carlyle and Cathy Lane is a new collection of specially commissioned essays that draw from disciplines such as anthropology, community activism, bioacoustics, conflict mediation and religious studies as well as those disciplines connected with sonic arts including music, ethnomusicology and field recording.



HN archive oslo 3.jpg

Her Noise and Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Students from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway are working with CRiSAP (Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice)  and MA Sound Arts making work in response to the Her Noise Archive. The project started with a visit to LCC in september and culminates with presentations of work in Oslo in December. 


Her Noise Archive is a resource of collected materials investigating music and sound histories in relation to gender bringing together a wide network of women artists who use sound as a medium.  It is housed at Universty of the Arts Archives and Special Collections at LCC and online at







CRiSAP members participate in

Sounding Space
Private View: 5 June 2013 | 6pm-8pm
Symposium: 6-7 June 2013 | 9.30am-5.30pm daily
Chelsea College of Art and Design


the BE OPEN Sound Portal houses finely-tuned ambisonic audio-technology to create a unique environment that delivers a pure acoustic experience. This unique structure sets the scene for the Sounding Space Symposium.

The Sound Portal is the result of a collaboration between BE OPEN, a foundation that supports innovation and creativity, and The London Design Festival. Designed by ARUP.



The Sound Portal is an especially designed sound space at the college that has had works prepared for it. As part of the running programme, CRiSAP members Iris Garrelfs, Cathy Lane, Nye Parry, Tansy Spinks and Mark Peter Wright along with LCC Sound Art students, have composed bespoke works for the three tiered surround sound system.


Details and sounds on The CRISAP at Sound Portal website




‘Sound, Place, Memory’, led by CRiSAP developed three artist-led two day workshops that combined theoretical insights and practical inspiration. The workshop themes were chosen to scope the field of potential responses to our heard world and its inhabitants – the vibrations of molecules through materials, water and the air and how we can capture these and record with them; the rendering of acoustic experience and remembered association into words that make sense of the idea of ‘sonic distance’ and meaning; and the sounds of the everyday as narratives that can be negotiated through the human voice.


18–19 April -  Jez riley French: A Quiet Position: The Act and Art of Field Recording

25–26 April - Daniela Cascella: Listening, Writing Sound, Thinking Sound

2–3 May - Felicity Ford: Field Recording Stories





*On 8th March 2011, CRiSAP was awarded the Sir Misha Black for Innovation in Design Education. 




On Endangered Languages

  Indigeneity, Community, and Creative Practice Anspayaxw: an installation for voice, image, and sound by John Wynne   Sept 13 - Oct 26, 2013 | 560 Seymour Street, 2nd Floor, Vancouver, BC | 604-681-8425   Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia | 6393 N.W. Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC  … more...

Migratory Dreams – Sueños Migratorios

As part of her Networked Migration project, Ximena Alarcon presents at Furtherfield Gallery   Date: Saturday 02 March 2013, 12-4pm Venue: Furtherfield Gallery.   Migratory Dreams – Sueños Migratorios, sound recordings of an improvisatory online performance event using spoken voice and pre-recorded sounds that took place between two Colombian communities… more...


Mark Peter Wright. 2nd Nov – 2nd Dec 2012 Private View: Thursday 1st November 6pm – 9pm 30 Minutes of Listening is a reimagining of how we listen to and perceive place, drawing specific inspiration and focus from the area South Gare: a man-made site of special scientific interest in North Yorkshire. Taking… more...

Reflections on process in sound

New online magazine by Iris Garrelfs. Reflections on Process in Sound NEW ONLINE MAGAZINE   Curated by Iris Garrelfs as part of her PhD research into the creative processes sound artists engage in. It focuses, therefore, on sound related activities but will also branch out into adjacent territories with the aim to provide a forum… more...

Berlin Sonic Places

Peter Cusack. Berlin Sonic Places     CRiSAP's Peter Cusack initiated Berlin Sonic Places, a collaborative project and series of events about relationships between soundscape and city planning. The events occur in 3 specific Berlin locations chosen because they represent some of the significant changes that have taken place there in the… more...

Networked Migrations

Ximena Alarcon. CRiSAP Research Fellow Ximena Alarcon's project on telematic sonic performance is being presented as part of Furtherfield Clear Spots programme.   Below is an excerpt from the project's blog: On Saturday May 12th, we had an intimate and wonderful real time telematic improvisation sound performance between Leicester and Mexico. Listeners and… more...

Switch Off

Magz Hall. CRiSAP PhD Student Switch Off, PhD research practice Switch Off researches the boundaries of radio art practice and the possible futures for FM radio after digital switch off. The research allows me to explore the creative tensions, limitations and benefits of working in 5.1 surround.    Divergent radiophonic works form… more...




IN THE FIELD International Symposium for Field Recording at the British Library A two day international symposium to open up and explore  the practice, art and craft of field recording through a series of panel presentations, listenings and screenings. more...

Her Noise website

Launch of the new website HER NOISE   Her Noise Archive is a resource of collected materials investigating music and sound histories in relation to gender, bringing together a wide network of women artists who use sound as a medium.     Whilst Her Noise exists as a physical archive, key elements… more...

Not For Human Consumption

online exhibition by Julian Weaver. A collection of sonic phenomena, tests, by-products and compositions, from the inaudible to the barely registered, the overheard to the impossibly loud, that challenge our, self-given, position at the centre of sonic events.… more...

Sounds of Europe

Cultural programme. Sounds of Europe’ is a project that acknowledges and follows the increase of field recording activity in music, art and sciences in recent years. By field recording activity we mean an artistic practice working with the accidental sounds of our environment. Our aim is to draw up an overall picture… more...