Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP) is a research centre of the University of the Arts London dedicated to the exploration of the rich complexities of sound as an artistic practice.

Our main aim is to extend the development of the emerging disciplinary field of sound arts and to encourage the broadening and deepening of the discursive context in which sound arts is practised.

Research Feature: Night Train

Nachtschichten’ is a publication resulting from and evaluating a project into long durations on the radio, funded by the practice-based arm of the Fonds Nationale Suisse, DORE (DO REsearch), together with University of the Arts, Zürich. Voegelin’s chapter evaluates five works produced as part of the project, by reflecting on her own listening through the night. It brings a phenomenological perspective to radiophonic discourse, working from a ‘close-listening’ over long durations, to an interrogation of time experience in night-time radio.

Member Profile: Tomoko Hojo

Tomoko Hojo is a Visiting Researcher at CRiSAP between September 2017 and September 2018, she is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher working within the field of experimental music and sound art. Tomoko will be analysing sound works by Cathy Lane, Hildegard Westerkamp, Viv Corringham, Susan Phillipz, Christian Marclay and Hayley Newman, through technical, methodological, cultural, historical and philosophical context.

Blog: James Dooley awarded the LOMA 18 Artist Commission for “Have​ ​you​ ​talked​ ​about​ ​the​ ​weather​ ​today?”

This video and sound installation invites the audience to take a virtual trip on the International Space Station—the ultimate indoors experience—and experience a sonic Baudrillardian simulacrum of ground level weather and atmospheric conditions relative to the ISS’s position above the Earth.