Angus Carlyle


Professor Angus Carlyle is curious about how we make sense of our environment, through sound and through our other senses. He edited the book “Autumn Leaves” for Double Entendre (2007), made the sound work “51° 32 ‘ 6.954” N / 0° 00 ‘ 47.0808” W” for the “Sound Proof” group show (2008), co-curated the exhibition “Sound Escapes” at Space Gallery in London (2009) and produced the CD “Some Memories of Bamboo” (2009) for the label Gruenrekorder. 


He recently (2012) completed a sixth month residency project called “Viso Come Territorio” / “Face As Territory”, a collaboration with 7 photographers based around a village on a Southern Italian hillside. Another project Air Pressure has been a long collaboration with the anthropologist Rupert Cox that led to an exhibition (part of the Asia Triennial Manchester), a CD/ booklet, two films and a series of papers.


Selected Creative Practice

February 2014              “Kiatsu” installation as part of PLACE:OCCUPY, Aldeburgh Music

February 2014              “Lanes and Allies Ring” 8 minute audio track in iphone app part of The Ecology of the Invisible, curated by Nandita Kumar for the Indian Art Fair Delhi.

December 2013                  “The View From Behind My Desk”, part of A Sonic View, online exhibition curated by Claudia Molitor

Sept – Nov 2013                  “Kiatsu” as part of Urban Sounds group show, Haus Der Elektronischen Künste, Basle (with Rupert Cox)

June 2013                                    “Camminare Nella Neve”, 8 channel sound performance, curated by Soundfjord, Goldsmiths Great Hall

March 2013                  “Kiatsu”, exhibition at Okinawa, Prefecture Museum, Japan (with Rupert Cox).

November 2012                  “Air Pressure”, CD and 96 page full colour booklet (Gruenrekorder, Germany) (with Rupert Cox).

October 2012                  “Il tempo di fumo”, one hour performance at Marte, Cava De’ Tirreni, Italy with sand artist Liccio Esposito.

September 2012                  “Kiatsu”, film screening (at Guild Cinema and at Albuquerque Museum) as part of “Machine Wilderness”, International Symposium on Electronic Art 2012 (with Rupert Cox).

July 2012                                     “Acqua Bianca” part of Carroussa Sonore group show, Rabat, Morrocco, curated by Younes Baba-Ali.

July 2012                                     “Above Us”, solo four channel sound performance as part of Sound/Space festival at V22, London, curated by SoundFjord.

July 2012                   Participant in group show, “Viso Come Territorio”, San Cipriano Picentino, Salerno, Italy. Commissioned residency from Fondazione Aurelio Petroni.  Contributed essay to catalogue, which included interview and two essays about my work, which took the form of four installations, 10 posters and a web-based soundmap.

January 2012                  “Now Near Enough”, multi-channel sound-design for Edgar Martins photography show “This Is Not A Home” at Wapping Hydraulic Power Station.

Nov 2011                   “Air Pressure” at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester (with Rupert Cox)

August 2011                   “Three Scenes in Toho”, audio track on The Wire magazine CD compilation, Issue 330.

                                    “Fake Murano”, sound piece in “To The Field and Yonder” Audio Screening curated by Helen Marie Frosi of Soundfjord Gallery at the Gorey Arts and Film Festival, Ireland. Sunday, 7th August. Catalogue available.

June 2011                                    “Noli Me Tangere,” sound installation Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, commissioned by Soundwaves Festival.

May 2011                                     “A Farm in Toho”, sound-film, showing at 12th Ethnographic Film Festival (with Rupert Cox).

January 2011                   “In Arcadia” (with Corrado Morgana), video at In Arcadia group show, IMT Gallery London.

November 2010                  “Kiyosumi”, audio track on Playing With Words (Gruenrekorder, Frankfurt), curated by Cathy Lane.

November, 2009     Composer of Some Memories of Bamboo, audio CD and booklet, (Gruenrekorder, Germany).

July – August, 2009     Co-Curator, with Irene Revell, of Sound Escapes, group exhibition, at Space Gallery.Co-Editor of Catalogue and author of foreword.

December, 2008    “If You Were To Clap. If I Were To Listen”, wall-based text work in Relay, Group Show, Friese Greene Gallery, Brighton.

April 2008         51° 32 ' 6.954” N / 0° 00 ' 47.0808” W, 1 hour audio composition, map and 32 page booklet for group show curated by Monica Biagioli and Colm Lally, group exhibition Sound Proof, E:vent Gallery, London.. Catalogue.

January, 2008       Curator of Autumn Leaves: Field Recording and Soundscape Compilation, 3 CDs, (Gruenrekorder, Hanau, Germany). Winner of the Qwartz Electronic Music Award (Compilation) for 2008. 

Edited Book

February 2013, (With Cathy Lane) In The Field: The Art of Field Recording (Axminster: Uniformbooks)

February 2012, (With Cathy Lane) On Listening (Sheffield: RGAP)

May 2007        Autumn Leaves: Sound and Environment in Creative Practice, (Paris: Double Entendre).

Selected Chapters in Books


January 2013                 “Air Pressure: A Sound Film” in eds. Chris Wright and Caught on the Breeze” Beyond Text: critical practices and sensory anthropology (MUP), also 10 min film on DVD (with Rupert Cox).

October 2013                “Sky-larks: an exploration of a collaboration between art, anthropology and science”, in ed. Chris Wright and Arnd Schneider, Art and Anthropology (Berg) (with Rupert Cox).

July 2012                  “Face as Territory”, in catalogue for “Viso Come Territorio” exhibition, Italy, Salerno.

January 2010,     “Earlids and Brainlids: On Thoughts and Sounds” in ed. Monica Parrinder and Colin Davies, Limited Language Rewriting Design: Responding To A Feedback Culture (Birkhauser: Basel, Bonn, Berlin).

September, 2008    “Interview With John Wynne and Tim Wainwright” in Transplant, ISBN : 9780954807467

January 2007        “The End of Music: Ten Memories of Movement and Rest” and “Interview With Einar Hansen” in The Fog Will Clear, The Snow Will Melt, ISBN: 978-82-303-0933-9

December 2006    “Like Quails Clucking: Landscape and Positive Soundscapes”, in eds. Tadahiko Imada, Keiko Torigoe, Kozo Hiramatsu et al. The West Meets the East in Acoustic Ecology, (Japanese Association for Sound Ecology and Hirosaki University International Music Centre)

March 2006    “The Damaged Pastoral: The Work of Edgar Martins”, catalogue essay, CAV Coimbra Visual Arts, Portugal,

May 2005     “Dan Holdsworth”, lead chapter in ed. David Chandler Dan Holdsworth, Photoworks / Steidl

May 2004     “In Search of the North-West Passage: The Suicide of Guy Debord” in ed. Namida King, Straight To Hell, Twentieth Century Suicides, Creation Press ISBN 1-84068-090-3

December 2000     “Below Ground: Subterranean Architecture”, in eds. Ally Ireson and Nick Barley, City Levels August-Birkhauser Press

Selected Articles

July 2012                     “From Memory”, essay in Journal of Photographic Culture, 5.2, July 2012

December 2010                  “A Farm in Toho”, text and 8 minute audio composition for Sensory Studies web journal (editor David Howes). 

June / July 2009,     “The City Submerged: The Work of Manuel Vasquez”, article in Hotshoe International, ISSN 0959-6933.

May 2008,         “Here, There and Everywhere: Essay on the Work of Carlos Lobos” commissioned for Anamnese, the digital platform on contemporary art from Portugal between 1993 and 2003 (in English and Portuguese).

Selected Conference / Symposia


November 2013          “Sensing Ecologies of Environmental Change” (with Rupert Cox, Kozo Hiramatsu, Naoki Hayashi), keynote at the 20th Anniversary Symposium of Japan Soundscape Association, Chiba Natural History Museum.

November 2013          “Sounds of Conflict” (with Rupert Cox, Kozo Hiramatsu) War, Traumatic Experiences And The Arts Symposium, Kyoto University.

June 2013                       “On Silent Mountain: Listening, Recording, Remembering”, Soundthinking Conference, University of Frankfurt.

May 2013                         “From Memory”, talk at the One Photograph event, part of Moose on the Loose, Cittie of Yorke public house, London.

April 2013                    “Into The Field” talk at Q-02 Gallery, Brussels (with Cathy Lane)

November 2012          “Sound Art and Sound Practice”, Bridging Sound Symposium, Sussex University

June 2010,         “Soft Shadows and Bright Light: On Recording and Reality” at the World Forum of Acoustic Ecology Conference at Koli, Finland.

May 2010         “Sound Escapes”, symposium presentation with Irene Revell at the Tate Britain on May 14th at Beyond the Academy: Research as Exhibition.

October, 2009,     “The Street Finds Its Own Sounds”, presentation at Sight And Sound In the Street, one day inter-disciplinary symposium at the Courtauld Institute of Art.

June 2009,         “Listening To Landscapes”, co-authored conference paper with Dr. Cathy Lane at Living Landscapes, Aberystwyth University.

January 2009,     “Sounding The Place Out”, presentation at Network Audio Symposium, University of Aix-en-Provence.

September, 2008, (co-authored conference proceedings article) "Soundwalking as a methodology for understanding soundscapes," Adams, M., Bruce, N., Davies, W., Cain, R., Jennings, P., Carlyle, A., Cusack, P., Hume, K., and Plack, C. in Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics (Reading, U.K.).

October, 2008, (co-authored conference paper), "SOUND-SCAPE: A framework for characterising positive urban soundscapes," Cain, R., Jennings, P., Adams, M., Bruce, N., Carlyle, A., Cusack, P., Davies, W., Hume, K., and Plack, C. at Acoustics 08 (Paris).

June 200, Convenor of three 3 Conference Panels on “Sound and the Senses” as part of Beyond Text: Synaesthetic and Sensory Practices in Anthropology, Royal Anthropological Institute Conference, University of Manchester.


Economic and Social Research Council Research Studentship, 1993 – 1996;

Arts and Humanities Research Council Cluster “Interrogating Fashion” (Cluster Member), 2003 (£54,000)

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Network Grant (Co-Investigator), 2006 (£101,400)

Anglo-Daiwa Foundation Travel Grant (sole recipient), 2007 (£1500);

Great Britain Sasakawa Small Grant (sole recipient), 2008 (£2500);

EPSRC Large Grant “Positive Soundscapes Project” (Co-Investigator), 2006 – 2009 (£1.1M);

Wellcome Trust Arts Award “Air Pressure” (Co-Investigator), 2009 (£28,800).

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