Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP) is a research centre of the University of the Arts London dedicated to the exploration of the rich complexities of sound as an artistic practice.


Our main aim is to extend the development of the emerging disciplinary field of sound arts and to encourage the broadening and deepening of the discursive context in which sound arts is practised.

Research Feature: Gender, Intimacy and Voices in Sound Art. Encouragements, Self-Portraits, and Shadow Walks

Cathy Lane’s chapter “ Gender, Intimacy and Voices in Sound Art. Encouragements, Self-Portraits, and Shadow Walks” discusses works by Anna Raimondo, Yashas Shetty, Annea Lockwood, Khaled Kaddal, Ansuman Biswas, Ain Bailey, Hildegard Westerkamp, Tomoko Hojo, Viv Corringham and Mikhael Karikis in the newly published ‘Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art’, edited by Sanne Krogh Groth and Holger Schulze (2020)

Member Profile: Kate Carr

Kate Carr's work is centred on investigating the intersections between sound, place and subjectivity. As part of this work she has ventured from tiny fishing villages in northern Iceland, explored the flooded banks of the Seine surrounding a nuclear power plant, recorded in rural South Africa, and in the wetlands of southern Mexico. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wire, The Quietus and The Guardian. It has also been played on the radio on stations ranging from various channels of the BBC, to independent stations in Estonia, and can be found on the labels Helen Scarsdale (US), Rivertones (UK), Soft (France) 3Leaves (Hungary) Galaverna (Italy) as well as on her own label Flaming Pines. Kate is Australian and lives in London.

Blog: Documentation from Sound::Gender::Feminism::Activism 2019 Tokyo conference

The first videos of documentation from our conference SOUND::GENDER::FEMINISM::ACTIVISM Tokyo, a collaboration with the Graduate School of Global Arts (GA) at Tokyo University of the Arts, are online now.