Month: November 2020

“untitled #346” a sound work by Francisco Lopéz and a text by Salomé Voegelin.

The 'untitled 346' booklet

“untitled #346” is a sound work by Francisco López anda text by Salomé Voegelin. Both sound and text ask: how much sound can push us towards the limits of what we consider as listening? How sound art pushes us to investigate the threshold that separates the audible from the imagined, constructing sound worlds in which memory gathers in the imperceptible of matter?

Interview with David Toop in Tone Glow

Performance image of David Toop

Matthew Blackwell Interviews David Toop in Tone Glow, discussing Edgar Allan Poe, the nature of field recordings, and the problem of time under capitalism.

New Album: Silence With The Consent Of Sound

A new album by the Field Kitchen Academy featuring series of recordings that act as a catalogue and a log book of the residency curated under the title of Silence with the Consent of Sound.

An essay by Mark Peter Wright

‘A reproduction of found notes belonging to an unidentified wildlife sound recordist’ by Mark Peter Wright, published in Sonic Arts Research Unit (SARU)’s online Essay series.