Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP) is a research centre of the University of the Arts London dedicated to the exploration of the rich complexities of sound as an artistic practice.


Our main aim is to extend the development of the emerging disciplinary field of sound arts and to encourage the broadening and deepening of the discursive context in which sound arts is practised.

Research Feature: The Listening Artist: On Listening as an Artistic Practice beyond Sound Art

This PhD study’s original contributions to knowledge are evidencing that: a) There is the position of the listening artist that is a distinct practice to that of the sound artist, operating with quite different political, philosophical and aesthetic concerns. b) Sound art’s canon of listening is insufficient for accounting for the range of listening at play in such practice.
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Member Profile: Cathy Lane

Professor Cathy Lane is interested how sound relates to the past, our histories, our environment and our collective and individual memories. This informs her current work as a composer, sound artist, lecturer and researcher. Aspects of her creative practice have developed out of these interests and include composition and installation-based work with spoken word, field recordings and archive material. She also writes and lectures on these and related subjects as well as collaborating with choreographers, film makers, visual artists and other musicians.
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News: The Grain of Online Voices

Read 'The Grain of Online Voices' by Salomé Voegelin on Norient. 'Every physical interaction leaves traces. Yet, in online meetings, the human voice might be the only traceable feature left. In the fifth episode of «Sonic Vignettes», Salomé Voegelin reflects upon the grain of the voice as an irreducible trace of human contact and why it is endangered by AI cleaning language.'
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