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Un-Earthed: A  festival of listening and environment

 Unearthed: A  festival of listening and environment is an ongoing series of events inviting both serious and more playful interrogations of current sound and listening practices and how they might help us reconsider our evolving relationships with other species, the built environment, truth and each other. 

Acts of Air: Reshaping the urban sonic

Acts of Air is an online exhibition for offline participation, inviting you to reshape your urban sonic present by enacting these 14 sound works directly in urban spaces.

Strangelove Festival

Strangelove Festival, an online film festival running till 13 January 2020, is screening two new works by John Wynne; ‘I am the gigantic baobab’ and ‘Cats and Dogs’.


For this project Peter Cusack is creating a number of soundwalks, the first of which is available online now;

A soundwalk around Moritzplatz, focusing on Hinterhöfe & the sonic places they create & isolate from the busy streets outside.