Sound Arts Vacancies!

LCC are recruiting for two roles in our Sound Arts department – Sound & Music Programme Director and part time Lecturer on the BA Sound Arts course.

CRiSAP PhD students at Coventry Biennial

a sculpture of a gold head with mesh headdress

Coventry Biennial 2021 announces it’s selected artists for HYPER-POSSIBLE, taking place across Coventry & Warwickshire from 8 October 2021 – 23 January 2022, which includes CRiSAP PhD students Kate Carr and Simon Scott.

Leaky knowledge: Listening between bodies, technology and learning

three people looking at a medical table in a hospital

This audio paper by Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright as part of the UK research council funded project ‘Listening Across Disciplines II’ reflects on the practice and teaching of auscultation – a medical technique for listening to the body with a stethoscope – in relation to how we know the body as a physiological and a political entity from its sound.

The Grain of Online Voices

traces of water on sand

Read ‘The Grain of Online Voices’ by Salomé Voegelin on Norient. ‘Every physical interaction leaves traces. Yet, in online meetings, the human voice might be the only traceable feature left. In the fifth episode of «Sonic Vignettes», Salomé Voegelin reflects upon the grain of the voice as an irreducible trace of human contact and why it is endangered by AI cleaning language.’

Introducing HEARD – Health, Arts and Design research hub

Students experimenting in the Grow Lab, Central Saint Martins, on the Hacking Hearts Scientist in Residence project, November 2019. © Hacking Hearts CSM/TiTech 2019

 HEARD (HEAlth, ARts and Design) is a new research hub of UAL focusing on art and design and their relationship to health. The hub brings together artists, researchers, students, and practitioners from across the UAL community, including a number of CRiSAP researchers.

Sound arts now – out now!

Book cover for Sound arts now by Cathy Lane and Angus Carlyle with image of artist Elsa M’bala, performance in the field

While not claiming to be a definitive survey, Sound arts now broadens and destabilises what we have come to understand as sound arts, offering new and different pathways, frames of reference, and modes of thinking.