Sound Arts Now reviewed in Leonardo Journal

Read the Sound Arts Now review in Leonardo Journal. Sound Arts Now, by Cathy Lane and Angus Carlyle, explores contemporary artistic practices and theories, and what contributes to or hinders artistic and career development. This is conducted through a series of interviews with artists and curators, putting the often-unheard voice of the maker at the centre of the discourse.

Watch the sound arts lecture collection

Video still from Youtube playlist showing Shanti Suki Osman

We’re delighted that selection of these guest lectures are available to watch back on the LCC Sound Arts Youtube channel. Speakers have included; Shanti Suki Osman, Joel Stern, Annea Lockwood, Pedro Oliveira, Sandra Kazlauskaitė, Nzinga Soundz, Ximena Alarcón, Chooc Ly Tan, Jaap Blonk, Lucia Farinati, Julian Henriques, Louise Ashcroft, Moushumi Bhowmik along with many others.

Sound Arts Now reviewed in Art Monthly

Art Monthly magazine cover for June 2021 - metal sculpture on concrete plinth in a city at night

‘A collection of meandering but geographically and socially contextualised discussions – almost like qualitative research materials – takes us from Brighton to Beirut and beyond, in many cases via Skype or Zoom, to establish some of the contemporary geographies, sociologies and economies of sound arts while looking beyond a network of ‘white men from the global north’.

They Have Clocks, We Have Time

double page spread of the Funambulist, showing text and an upside down map of India

‘They Have Clocks, We Have Time’ a forthcoming issue of The Funambulist, challenging the colonial standardization of time.

This issue features the article ‘Partitioning Territory, Partitioning Time’ on the Indian Subcontinent by CRiSAP PhD student Syma Tariq 

Sound Arts Vacancies!

LCC are recruiting for two roles in our Sound Arts department – Sound & Music Programme Director and part time Lecturer on the BA Sound Arts course.

CRiSAP PhD students at Coventry Biennial

a sculpture of a gold head with mesh headdress

Coventry Biennial 2021 announces it’s selected artists for HYPER-POSSIBLE, taking place across Coventry & Warwickshire from 8 October 2021 – 23 January 2022, which includes CRiSAP PhD students Kate Carr and Simon Scott.

Leaky knowledge: Listening between bodies, technology and learning

three people looking at a medical table in a hospital

This audio paper by Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright as part of the UK research council funded project ‘Listening Across Disciplines II’ reflects on the practice and teaching of auscultation – a medical technique for listening to the body with a stethoscope – in relation to how we know the body as a physiological and a political entity from its sound.