Haiyan Xiang

Visiting Researcher


Haiyan Xiang is an audio engineer and lecturer in surround sound recording and production at Sichuan Film and Television University. She designed the Sound Reinforcement System of Hello Space Small Theatre in Mix C, Chengdu (2016) and the audio system of CDTV-1/-6 HD studio (2015–16) and worked on Chengdu New Year Concerts amongst other projects.

An awardee of a scholarship under China Scholarship Council for pursuing study overseas, she completed a Masters of Fine Arts degree at the Communication University of China in Beijing, majoring in surround sound recording and has worked as an audio engineer at Chengdu Radio and TV station for 23 years. In 2018, she was appointed as a Deputy Director in the Audio Professional Committee of China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (CSMPTE) and has been a member of the Sichuan Institute of Electronic (SIE) Audio Engineering Committee and the Performing Arts Engineering Committee since 2016. She is also a judge of the annual sound quality criterion of film and TV programs nationwide, invited by CSMPTE (2010 – present), and a Deputy Director in the Recording and Production Department of the Technology Centre of Chengdu Television (2009).


With interests in immersive sound recording, production and distribution, sound quality criterion and sound system optimisation, during my time at CRiSAP I will develop a design project in these areas.



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