Dr Masato Kakinoki

Visiting Researcher

2018 – 19

Based in London and Tokyo, Dr Masato Kakinoki (also known as abirdwhale) is an artist, researcher, musician, film music composer/producer and vocalist. He is a visiting artist and postdoctoral researcher at CRiSAP (LCC, UAL) and EAVI (Goldsmiths University London), funded by the Pola Art Foundation. A maker of sound, visual and improvisational performance, he also conducts research-based practice exploring food culture, sexual and romantic culture and human history.

His works have been exhibited and performed at galleries, museums and venues including as part of Nocturnal Creatures at the Whitechapel Gallery, the ArtReview Bar and Cafe Oto in London; the International Conference on Live Interfaces, Porto; GENERATE!° Festival for Electronic Arts, Tübingen; Tallinn Music Week Festival; and DOMMUNE, Tokyo. His works has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3, and are released by PROGRESSIVE FOrM. He completed a PhD in Music at Canterbury Christ Church University, where he was granted Canterbury Christ Church University Graduate School PhD Scholarship, with a thesis on The Development of an Audio-Visual Language for Digital Music Performance.


Hosted and mentored by Professor David Toop, Kakinoki is researching methodologies to actualise concepts surrounding ‘the norm’. This project aims to explore the question ‘what is the difference between which became a norm and which did not?’ through artistic activities, contributing to dialogues around normativity. By regarding polyamory as a research subject, he is researching the values and narrative of a group of people, and how they are united by a specific norm, exploring how the views and attitudes of those in-group and those out-group interact. This research considers the connections between anthropological art and sound art, exploring current practices and the historical context of related fields. This project connects to his position as a visiting artist and postdoctoral researcher at the EAVI research group, Goldsmiths University London – a group which focuses on embodied interaction with sound and image – where he is researching the use of audio and visual technologies such as VR and AR in anthropological art (hosted and mentored by Professor Atau Tanaka).

Social Media

Instagram: @kakinokimasato

Twitter: @masatokakinoki