Dan Scott

Dan Scott

Completed PhD Student

2011 - 2019 

Dan Scott’s work incorporates installation, performance, and participatory practice and often investigates the politics and poetics of listening.  Dan works as a visiting lecturer at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where he tutors in sound and scenography and is currently engaged in a practice-based PhD at the University of the Arts, London, on practices of listening in contemporary art. He has carried out projects internationally including recent projects Liberation Through Hearing, outside the Royal Academy in London, Yesterday at Harewood House in Yorkshire, Advantageous Recordings at the De La Warr Pavilion, the monthly event Athelstan Sound in Margate, and the Sonic Trails series at Tate Modern.

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Ways of listening in sound art: How can multiple ways of listening inform contemporary sound art practice?

My PhD research is on listening within sound art practice, focussing on listening as performance and the multiple ways of listening that exist in the genre.