Listening as method for collaborative and inclusive Creative Curricula

Research Project

April - June 2016

Led by Ximena Alarcón, Salomé Voegelin & Thomas Gardner

at London College of Communication, funded by the UAL Curriculum Development Fund

The project aims to engage a broad London College of Communication (LCC) community in Deep Listening practice, to enrich participants' knowledge of listening across disciplines and to incorporate this practice in the curricula beyond the discipline of Sound Arts. In the month of June, members from the LCC community (admin, teaching, technical staff and students) will be invited to participate in three intensive Deep Listening workshops to experience the acoustic space’s subtleties and reflect on its impact on Learning, Creative Curricula, Sustainable Practice and Collaborative Research within a context of change. Ultimately these workshops will encourage and frame cross-disciplinary relationships and expand sustainable practices through creative listening within the Curriculum.

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