Sound Passages: passaggi di suono

Sound moves: it drifts and coalesces, it is reflected and it is absorbed, it shifts in meaning and register. And we are moved by sound, too: we are startled or seduced, sound orientates us or disorientates us. As part of a broader ‘sensory turn’, sound is becoming the focus of investigations into our experiences of place and space. In “Sound Passages: Passages of Sound”, researchers will present different approaches to sound – as a map, as a junction between perceptual fields, as trigger for memory and imagination, as abstract and quotidian, as material for composition and installation, as a way in which we are located and dislocated in the contemporary.

CRiSAP speakers: Angus Carlyle, Cathy Lane Co-directors, John Wynne, Reader, Ximena Alarcón, Research Fellow, Lisa Hall, Research Administrator, Iris Garrelfs, Associate Lecturer, Post-Doctoral Researcher, John Kannenberg, PhD student, Louise Marshall, PhD student, Artur M Vidal, PhD student, Matt Parker, PhD student.

IUAV speakers: Nicola Di Croce, Scuola di dottorato, doctoral programme in architecture, city and design, track regional planning and public policy

With the participation of: Enrico Coniglio, Comune di Venezia, Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori

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