Un-Earthed: A festival of listening and environment

Un-Earthed: A festival of listening and environment 

A critical celebration of our relationships with the environments that we share with other people and other species

Directed by Prof. Cathy Lane
Ongoing from Summer 2020

Globally, socially, politically and culturally things are changing faster than we possibly could have imagined. This new reality invites us to reconsider aspects of our lives and our entanglements with every-thing and every-body. 

Un-Earthed:  A  festival of listening and environmentis an ongoing series of events inviting both serious and more playful interrogations of current sound and listening practices and how they might help us reconsider our evolving relationships with other species, the built environment, truth and each other. 


The first two events are: 

Audio Testimonies

An online Symposium organised in collaboration with Emerge, Bournemouth University, led by Dr Thomas Gardner  and Dr Panos Amelidis

2 & 3 July 2020, 10:00 – 17:00 BST


This symposium considers the place of Audio Testimonies in artistic practice, and will explore the ways in which artists use sound to enable new forms of testimony, and create new artistic configurations, which engage public consciousness.  

Keynote speakers: Amy Wlodarski and John Young 

Audio Testimonies aims to open a discussion on this topic and form the start of a network which will continue exploration of these themes. It will do so through two days of presentations focusing on particular works and via a social activity of collectively making audio testimony. 

Submission for workshop participation has passed, but attendance at the keynote sessions and plenary session will be possible via registration.

Read more about Audio Testimonies here

Acts of Air: Reshaping the urban sonic

An online exhibition curated by Lisa Hall  

Launching 16 July 2020, 9.00 BST & 20.00 BST


Acts of Air invites you to reshape your urban sonic present by enacting these 14 sound works directly in urban spaces. Bringing together artists based around the world, each work invites a sounding out, a performance, a site specific listening or engagement in the streets, under bridges, by water fountains and extractor fans. They offer a means to explore and interrogate our cities of sound, and can be enacted and activated anywhere around the globe.

Artists: Agnes Paz, Anna Lann, Anna Raimondo, Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti, Catherine Clover, Cedric Maridet, Colin Priest, Jacek Smolicki, Julieanna Preston, Kate Brown, Raheel Khan, Vagné, Vitório O. Azevedo and Yara Mekawei.

The two online launch events will both include talks by the curator, Lisa Hall, presentations from the artists, plus a live online performance, RMP hums, choral, viral, directed by Julieanna Preston. The performance invites participation - more information will be shared upon RSVP.

Visit the exhibition here

Watch the launch events & performances here



Future events will include:

Workshops, performances, soundwalks, a book launch, panel events and discussions.

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